Sending out an SOS…Socks-On-Summer : Archer + Peyton’s Guide on Summer Sock-wearing!

Posted: Jun 16 2015

As the temperature rises, we have witnessed a cacophony of footwear choices over the past few weeks (both with and without socks) that one ought to be forgiven for being at a loss as to when it is advisable to go sockless and when it is not.  It seems in fashion circles and publications that anything goes these days, leading even the most conservative of men to ponder whether it would be appropriate to attend an important meeting sockless.

Unless you are Italian Fashion royalty (with olive skin tone to match) and spend your summers off Capri on your Yacht, where the rules of sockless dressing simply don’t apply, please read on.


Socks Advisable

1) If your weekday attire is a suit, tie optional, but dress shoe environment…

You must wear socks.  However, your choice of both colour and material is important and differs from your winter attire.  100% Fine Egyptian Cotton can be worn all year but particularly in the summer as the natural fibers breathe and provide a lighter weight look and feel.  If you want to brighten up your look, our Purple Classic 100% Egyptian Socks will do the trick but equally if you want to keep it conservative but still within the summer spirit, stick with a nice grey or navy pair to differentiate from traditional black. 

Even if you do not work in a formal office, in our experience factors such as air conditioning and the aesthetic appearance of many workspaces are not conducive to a sockless look.  We recommend a bold print to match jeans or chinos in a lightweight knit, such as our Limited Edition Blue Paisley Teardrops

2) Long Socks aren’t just for Winter

There is a Northern European Myth that long socks are only suitable for cooler months where they provide added warmth.  However, those on the Mediterranean have been wearing long socks for decades and we should look to them for inspiration.  Long socks are ideal in hotter climates especially in 100% Egyptian Cottons with a fine knit. They stay up, which is especially beneficial when it is sticky on your commute to work, preventing sweat from rubbing on to your trousers and keeping you in pristine condition.  The fine knit and length also provide a comfort and support that is seasonless.   As with regular length socks, we suggest colour to accentuate a darker suit – our Pinstripe Light + Dark Blue pair is perfect with a suit or with jeans. 

When you can go sockless…

1) Off-Duty, Weekend, and Vacation Looks

On the beach, on the water, or if you are trying to emulate your world cup heroes with a game of barefoot football in the park.

2) With Boat Shoes

A controversial one – if you are in fact on a boat or near water and there is a good chance you will at some stage end up in the water, by all means go sockless.  If you are wearing chino shorts, by all means go sockless (we aren’t big fans of socks and shorts).   However, if you are wearing long trousers, a blazer, and boat shoes, consider your audience and choose wisely.  If you must go sockless, be mindful of the length of your trouser and the appearance of your ankles – maintenance is key.  If you do choose a sock, a lightweight blend with either a bright colour or tonally matching your shoes and trousers is the best way to go, our Pink Everyday Luxury Polkadots will do the trick. 

Finally, White Sports Socks are only appropriate when running, playing tennis, or engaging in sporting activities.  There is no place for the colour or the heavy weight of these socks in your summer wardrobe. 

Poor quality socks or those with holes in them are no excuse for going sockless this summer. Pre-Order your Archer + Peyton’s for August 1st delivery to ride out August in style.

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