Summer Street Style: The Boys + Men of Covent Garden....

Posted: Jun 16 2015

We love London and the diversity of style that the city has to offer!  In fact, there is no single definition of "London Style."  Every bourough, neighbourhood and in some cases, individual street, has its own character defined by the businesses that employ its residents, the attractions that lure in tourists, and the unexpected gems that add that special magic to each corner of London.

This is the first of a weekly street style feature that we will be publishing - think of it as a guide to each area and how to dress the part if you want to truly capture the essence of the neighbourhood.  We will also be featuring a sock a week that we think best personifies the community and the people that inhabit it!

We are kicking off this week with Covent Garden.  An area that evokes thoughts of chaos, tourists, but also excitement and vitality.  The sheer volume of people in the area, with varied agendas, results in an almost infinite amount of style possibilities, accentuated by the London summer heat.  We were pleasantly surprised by the mix of casual and formal and some unique looks from young and old that made us smile and take a second look.

Mates in Sync:

Shoes and Wild Prints: 


Simple, Cool and Functional:


For us, Covent Garden represents a fun, fearless, and flashy gent - which is why we have selected our Limited Edition Red Paisley Teardrop sock as the embodiment of the neighbourhood.  Its bold colours, yet throwback design make it the ideal pair to wear outside one of the area's many waterholes whilst watching life happen before your eyes. 

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