Summer Street Style in the Square Mile: City Boys

Posted: Jun 16 2015

Good Morning!  It feels like the days and weeks of summer are flying by - time to get out and enjoy August before it passes us by!  For this week's edition of Archer + Peyton London Street Style we took to the streets of the City of London to see what the city folk had in store for us.

There was a lot of Navy Blue.  Unlike Covent Garden, uniformity and classic looks are the key to success with small finishing details in lieu of bold statements leading the way forward.  A subtle single coloured pocket square, usually in white or matching to the colour of the shirt, peeking only an inch parallel to the upper left hand pocket set some men apart. 

From what we could see, traditional trouser length is holding strong in the city.  Very few short trousers showing off socks and mankles (we didn't spot a single sockless foot)! Where socks were concerned, expression was muted, with navy and black leading the way and the odd stripe and polkadot peeking out from the boldest gents.

Those sporting ties (of which we would estimate less than 50% were), opted for burnt oranges and pinks - keeping a light look but adding a bit of colour to the navy pallette.  

Our favourite look of the day had to be this dashing gent on a Boris Bike.  Not only was he posing like a pro at the traffic lights but we love his polkadot socks and brown shoes to differentiate and top off his city look.

It was a no brainer for us to pick the sock that we think best exemplifies the City of London.  Our Pinstripe Long Navy + Smoking Egyptian Cotton pair is the perfect compliment to the city suit and adds a touch of elegance with the texture of the sock, without stepping too far out of the box.  Plus the over-the-calf length means it won't fall down, leaving all you city brains to focus on deals instead of pulling up your socks! 

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