Summer Street Style in SW3

Posted: Jun 16 2015

For this week's edition of Summer Street Style, Archer + Peyton ventured West to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, to capture its residents and working inhabitants in their element.  It was a glorious summer morning when we descended upon Sloane Square.  The Square itself was given its name in honour of Hans Sloane, a British physician of Irish origins, whose formidable art collection not only contributed to the foundation of the British Museum, but reputation amongst Londoners at the time established him as a fashionable man of character and honour.  

We can't say for certain that we captured any modern day Hans Sloane's amongst the gents of the Kings Road, but we would like to think that some of them dashing off with style and determination were off to do great things. 

Having observed the men of the Square Mile for our last instalment, we were immediately delighted by the explosion of colour that Chelsea put on show.  There were of course some fabulous tailored suits (and we must admit, those in suits were impeccably turned out), but equally a variety of styles and expressions were showcased.  

We were delighted to see that Red Socks were still a stronghold of SW3, but modern twists on footwear and accompanying accessories kept the look current for gentlemen of all ages.

There were also some bold steps away from tradition.  The gentleman above in the Green suit certainly won our hearts as the boldest dresser of the day, although we can't say that his sockless approach was to our liking.  He certainly needs some Archer + Peyton in his life!

As we ventured further along down the King's Road towards the Chelsea Old Town Hall, the haste of the morning commute was forgotten and we were comforted by the sight of residents going about their day in a calm and relaxed fashion.  

Our final stars of the day were without a doubt the most distinguished and elegant.  The Chelsea Pensioners were dressed to impress and courteous as always,  a reminder that true style comes from your way of life - your clothes and your socks merely serve to accentuate this.

We can think of no better Archer + Peyton pair of socks to best exemplify Chelsea than our fabulous Regular Length Red Mercerised Cotton Socks.  Their quality, their bold colour, and their ability to make any person feel just that much more special are what we recommend for your next visit to the King's Road.  At £13 a pair, they are the perfect accessory to finish off August in Style and make your mark in September.  

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