September Street Style: Oxford

Posted: Jun 16 2015

For this edition of Archer + Peyton's September Street Style piece, we decided to leave the hustle and bustle of London, venturing to the stone-walled streets of Oxford.  We were looking for inspiration and some style with a twist when we arrived on a Sunny afternoon in the centre of the city.  While most students had yet to return for the onset of a new term, we were treated to a diverse range of style from both young and old, reflecting not only the tradition of the great Oxford University around which the city beats, but the modern and novel interpretations of style in our current days.   

Oxford is a city best navigated on two feet or two wheels and we were treated to some charming, ecclectic views of men pedaling their way to their destinations. 

A leisurely stroll down the High Street past the Botanical Gardens and onto the bridge overlooking the River Cherwell provided a laid back atmosphere with gents simply enjoying the beautiful vistas and dressed to reflect this casual yet still sophisticated part of the road.  One trend that was very apparent here was the hat.  It seems in London that as much as men of style want to wear a fabulously milled headpiece, the execution comes off a bit forced and out of place.  In Oxford, however, every hat suited its owner perfectly and effortlessly.  


As we headed back along the high-street, the mood, pace, and respective dress began to change.  Despite it being a Sunday, the men towards Queen Street were fast-paced and on a mission.  They were ever expressive in bright coloured trousers, abstract jumpers, and novel accessories but this was not the laid-back expression of paces past.  Their sartorial choices were well considered and serving a purpose for this day and this day alone.  

Finally, there were bowties everywhere, but not in the black-tie sense!  The modern take on the bow-tie was all too perfectly executed in Oxford.  One word of advice though, don't crush on a bowtie in a rush.  We were in such awe of these great visions of high-low combination that we only managed to snap two in action.  

A man with a bow tie was a man on a mission striding quickly and confidently to his next destination!   Take heed gents from far and wide that in order to truly pull off a bow-tie at work or in play, you must have your eye on a prize far greater than fashion.

Given Oxford's storied history blended with its playful yet refined residents, we selected our Everyday Luxury Pink Polkadot socks as a true representation of the Oxford man.  Made in Italy from the finest cashmere, silk and Egyptian cotton, these socks can go from the lecture hall, to the boardroom, and back to the pub without hesitation.  Pink screams a man with confidence but we keep it refined with the black background and a subtly sized dot to enhance your consideration.  Best of all, these luxurious socks are suited to the busy man who can't be bothered to hand-wash his cashmeres - they are 100% machine washable and will keep any Oxford man ahead of the pack!

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