Review "Post Pop: East Meets West"

Posted: Jun 16 2015

After the elation of Christmas and New Years and the very real reality of a cold, dry and disciplined January in store, inspiration can be tough to find. To reinvigorate our minds we headed to the Saatchi Gallery to check out the Post Pop: East Meets West exhibition.

The exhibition is split into 6 rooms and themes with Western expressions of Pop Art mixed with Eastern ones. From a pure visual perspective, the Russian and Chinese works were bright, humorous, and some delightfully surprising. There is no attempt to weave a chronological story through the exhibition or contextualise the works within each era which was in a way refreshing to the often prescriptive nature of other shows. We felt free to enjoy the works for what they were and experience the very much relatable undercurrent of advertising and consumerism in many of the works.


The highlight of the show was Sergei Shutov's installation "Abacus" whose scale and mechanical ingenuity made the visit worthwhile in itself. We won't go into details to spoil the experience but keep your eyes peeled on the second floor. Additionally the Tom Sacks "Nusty McDonald's" mock-up was not only amusing but perhaps slightly worryingly close to reality. Even though some of the works were produced many years ago, they still speak to the current geopolitical and socioeconomic reality we now live in and give the average person a different perspective on our everyday lives. 

So if you haven't sorted out your weekend, we suggest you pop down to the King's Road, grab some street food from the Duke of York Market, and head into the Saatchi Gallery for some entertainment and enlightenment. 

"Post Pop: East Meets West" runs daily until March 3, 2015. Free Entry. Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York's HQ, King's Road, London, SW3 4RY, 

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