• 004 - Navy Long Ribbed
  • 004 - Navy Long Ribbed
  • 004 - Navy Long Ribbed
  • 004 - Navy Long Ribbed
  • 004 - Navy Long Ribbed


004 - Navy Long Ribbed

Classic Mercerised Long Collection




Sometimes your socks need to play the supporting role, but that doesn't mean they should be any less quality, stylish or comfortable than the rest of your attire.  This Navy 100% Mercerised Egyptian Long Staple Cotton pair is the perfect thing to put in a beautiful pair of leather shoes worn with a finely tailored suit.
Woven with 200 needles this sock is very fine to the touch and the eye, but don't mistake this as a sign that it is too delicate.  It is one of the strongest socks out there and the light weight knit is both a sign of its quality and ensures maximum comfort and durability. 
Never tried a long sock before?  Once you do you will never go back.  Popular on the continent, the over-the calf design means an end to saggy socks and calf exhibitionism.  
-The stretch in the sock comes from the weave rather than lycra or elastic, moulding to your feet
-The heel and toe are reinforced for added support and you will notice a smooth and sheer finish when the sock is worn
100% Egyptian Filoscozia Mercerised Cotton (What's Filoscozia?)

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