What's Filoscozia?

Filoscozia is a yarn produced exclusively from the finest, highest-quality cotton: extra-long staple cotton (ELS), with fibres over 34/36mm in length making it durable and naturally shiny. 

Filoscozia is produced using the highest quality hand-picked Egyptian cotton.   This manually harvested cotton allows the bolls to be selected at just the right degree of ripeness and avoids the use of defoliants that are harmful to both individuals and the environment. 

After combing, twisting, burning and mercerising the yarn, the natural characteristics of shine and resistance are strengthened, resulting in better absorption and reduced shrinkage

Filoscozia thread is dyed using only colours and auxiliaries that meet the human-ecological requirements as set by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (Class 1 - Baby Products).  The water used in processing is purified, tested, and recycled.  

Filoscozia is a guarantee of quality and only licensed manufacturers who adhere to all the relevant legislation and process are able to carry the name.  We are proud to utilise Filoscozia yarn in our products. 

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