Needles + Thread Gauge

You will often see references to number of needles, thread weight and other technical specifications on sock descriptions.  It is easy to get confused with all these numbers and terms being thrown around so we have sought to provide a straight forward explanation below. 

Needles refers to the number of stitches per square inch of sock.  The machine that is used to construct the socks actually does have the number of needles specified working at any one time on your socks in production.  The more needles there are in a sock, the denser the weave will be which leads to a strong but finer and lighter weight sock.  The finer the yarn the more needles you can utilise and therefore you need to use finer thread for finer weaves. This is expressed in two numbers 20/1, 30/1.  The higher the first number, the finer the thread. 

At Archer + Peyton we currently use 30/1 thread and our socks are constructed either with 200 or 168 needles.  We use 200 needles on all our Cotton socks for strength and to ensure they are light-weight and fine. We use 168 needles on our Cotton-Cashmere-and Silk socks where a bit more luxury is required and hence a slightly heavier and softer sock is desired.

You'll find that all our socks are durable and supportive, yet highly breathable and fine.   

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