Men's Fashion in Florence: Archer + Peyton at Pitti Uomo 86.

Posted: Jun 16 2015

Pitti Uomo, the bi-annual menswear trade show held in Florence, is far more than your average gathering of mens fashion designers and buyers in a fairground. Held in the Fortezza de Basso, a former Military Fortress built by the then ruling Medici family in the 1500s, its grandeur and overwhelming scale is fitting to host such an immense event that serves as the stage for cutting edge men's style by over 1000 designers and 30,000 attendees. This may not seem relevant to the average man, but what happens here sets the direction for what is available for you to buy next year and for what you will more often than not come to see as trendy, fashionable, and necessary to complete your wardrobe.

Half of the fun of the event is walking through the immense grounds and taking in the theatre provided for free by attendees.  The men are the stars of the show and it is certainly peacocking at its finest.  Whilst many professional males may never strut down the high-street or into the boardroom in the complete looks exhibited here, they provide inspiration for elements you can incorporate into your existing wardrobe.  Creativity and self-expression is rampant, but rest assured, there is still an abundance of practical but stylish suits and shirts to suit any man's professional and personal life.  

We have identified 3 trends we have seen thus far.  At Archer + Peyton we believe that as long as you have some great key pieces, your socks, shoes, and shades are all you need to make a statement.  No Socks is trending at the moment and works for weekend looks but we suggest preserving your ankle modesty and the quality of your shoes for everyday wear by rocking some of our socks!  


The Top 3 Trends

Forget Laces - Hardly a lace up dress shoe in sight, the Monk Shoe and Tasselled Loafer are leading the way. Forget Black and instead seek out rich Mahoganies, Navy Blues, or Carmel Suedes that pair well with most looks and can take you to the office and out on the town. 

The Dressed-Up Trainer/Sneaker - The humble trainer continues to make its mark.  It may not be appropriate for many workweek looks but we like a trainer for a Saturday day out where you still need to look smart but need a bit of spring in your step for any direction your weekend may take you. 

The Coloured Blazer - A great way to dress up any holiday outfit or weekend look without breaking the bank or stepping too far our of your comfort zone.  We saw a lot of great Green looks which we would pair with our 100% Egyptian Cotton Vibrant Green Socks


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