What Makes our Socks so Special

At Archer + Peyton we live by the philosophy that details are everything.  You can't get 80% right and forget about the other 20%.   That's why we spent months before our launch researching the best combination of materials to produce both an attractive and a functional sock.  

Our socks are produced in Italy.  This doesn't mean that they have been made elsewhere and finished in Italy.  From Thread to Toe, all weaving and processing happens on site in view of the mountains of Lake Garda.  We have relationships with all our producers - we take the time to meet with them regularly and visit their factories to understand their business and in turn provide you with a product we have 100% confidence in. 

We use the finest quality threads to produce our socks.  For our cottons, this means 100% Egyptian Cotton - no exceptions.  The raw cotton is harvested by hand in Egypt by an Italian thread company who then work and finish the cotton in Italy.  Our Cashmeres and Silks are also of the finest quality available and also refined and produced by Italian thread companies.  This may seem a bit obsessive for some, but for us attention to detail in every step of the process is the only way to achieve a great product.

We weave our socks with 200 needles and 168 needles.  What does this mean?  Think of it like thread count on sheets.  200 is the highest gauge used for socks, meaning that your sock will be finer but stronger due to the density of the stitching  We use 168 needles where a softer and thicker sock is preferred.

You will notice that Polyamide and Elastane feature in many of our socks.  Polyamide is utilised to strengthen the heel and toe area where your sock gets the most wear.  Elastane is used around the cuff to keep your socks up.  Where possible we use natural fibres as the dominant composition and only where technically needed do we add anything man-made. 

Detailed information about fabrics and composition of all socks can be found on each product's page.  

Finally, you can't produce a great product and deliver it in a plastic bag.  We have designed our packaging to not only be beautiful for gifts but for everyday purchases as well.  We have worked to provide a functional box that fits through the letter box (providing convenient delivery) and minimises on excess packaging without compromising style to support our sustainability objectives.  



Our socks can be machine-washed without risk of colour fading. We recommend a washing temperature of 30 Degrees Celsius. Washing your socks inside out is often recommended but we suggest you decide what works best for you. Our socks are produced with the highest quality threads and they will last longer and will shrink less if they are kept out of the tumble dryer. We suggest hanging to dry and reshaping post wash. Keep your Archer + Peyton socks away from bleach, the dry cleaner, and the iron.


We don't believe "One Size" truly fits all and for that reason we have tried to provide a range of sizing to suit all feet.  You will notice that some of our socks have a wider range of sizes whilst others are narrower.  This is dependent on the amount of lycra/elastane utilised in each blend:

For our two-size socks we size as follows:

Sock size  UK 7-8.5 (EU 39-42) 

Socks size UK 9-11.5 (EU 43-46)

For our Mercerised Cotton Socks 

Sock Size UK 7-8 (EU 41-42)

Sock Size UK 8.5-9.5 (EU 43-44)

Sock Size 10-11.5 (EU 45-46)


If you need any advice on sizing, style or composition, or just want to chat socks we are always here to help.  Contact Us  and you will receive a response within 24 hours.  






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